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Greater Rushmoor Nepali Community (GRNC) is one of the foremost charitable organisation 
in the UK run by the Nepali Community living in the area of Rushmoor. Founded in 2003, GRNC has been the mainstay in providing help, advice and support to those in need and helping new arrivals to settle successfully in Rushmoor by collaborating closely with the Gurkha Welfare Advice Centre, Rushmoor Borough Council and other relevant local and regional organisations and agencies.  After the immigration rule in favour of the Gurkha veterans to settle in the UK were given in 2004 for post 9197 Gurkhas and then again in May 2009 for pre 1997 Gurkhas, many of them decided to settle in Rushmoor area due to the legacy of serving Gurkha battalion being stationed in Church Crookham, Fleet from 1971 to 2002. The Nepali people predominantly consisting of veterans, their families and widows has made Rushmoor their home making it one of the highest densely populated places in the UK for Nepali diaspora. With an estimated number of around 13,000 Nepali settled in Rushmoor, it makes up about 12 per cent of its population.

Although one of the poorest country in world, Nepal is very proud of its rich cultural and ethnic diversity. As per 2011 census, Nepal has 126 castes and ethnic groups speaking as many as 123 dialects with Nepali being the mother tongue.  The groups are defined using languages, ethnic identity or the caste systems in Nepal. This diversity is reflected through the various ethnic groups and organisations that are currently present in Rushmoor. With this backdrop, GRNC, acting as an umbrella for the diverse Nepali community, is envisaging at creating an effective programme that will embrace, enhance and coalesce the relationships amongst these diverse ethnic groups and community services to enable the Nepali community to build a strong relationships across the wider local communities in Rushmoor through various educational and awareness activities. There have been many projects and services provided by various community groups, Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprises (VCSEs) and statutory services to support the Nepali community which, although beneficial, are short term and of smaller scale leaving gaps still to be filled in.
It has become apparent that GRNC needs to combine these efforts to deliver long term 
projects that are sustainable and can create greater impact in the society through structured 
education, trainings, and information. GRNC has the knowledge, skills and experiences of running many small scale projects, e.g. Project Together, ‘Kurakaani’, Induction Progamme (for new arrivals) and wellbeing classes. In addition, GRNC has also organised a funding project to establish the Kulbir Thapa VC memorial statue which proudly stands in the Princess Garden Aldershot. In fact, to remember all those fallen, we now hold an annual Remembrance Day at the memorial statue inviting special guests from the council, the army and other local communities. Since its establishment, GRNC has been actively engaged in many council led and local community led events. Despite these activities and engagement, we still feel and have identified various needs and requirements of the Nepali diaspora that are still unmet. Social, welfare and health needs and a need of a dedicated space for the GRNC to operate its programmes and develop participation 
not only from within the Nepali community but also from the wider communities and groups.